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Price composition. m Dnepr (Guerrilla)

CASS is a mixture of aqueous solutions of ammonium nitrate and urea (in the ratio of 35.4% urea, 44.3% of nitrate, 19.4 per cent of water, 0.5% ammonia water). The density of liquid fertilizer to 1.34 kg / m3.

The only nitrogen fertilizer, which contains three forms of nitrogen:
nitrate – provides instant action of ammonium in the nitrification process goes into the nitrate form,
amide – as a result of activities changes in soil microbial ammonium form and then to nitrate.

Thus, the Cam provides prolonged nutrition of plants with nitrogen. Due to the absence of CAS of free ammonia it does not evaporate to the atmosphere during incorporation, however, the presence of the ammonium form still makes minimum sealing desirable, especially in conditions of high temperatures and lack of precipitation after application.
The cost of nitrogen in CAS are the lowest, since the loss of nitrogen in making CAS do not exceed 10% of the total nitrogen, while in the application of granular nitrogen fertilizers reach 30-40%.One of the major advantages of CAS are its high adaptability:
The application of Cam as liquid fertilizers much more evenly than solid, granular.
The application of Cam is well combined with use of pesticides in a single tank mixture. This allows to reduce the several operations to care for crops.
It is advisable to use for small feeding vegetative plants. At the same time there is and root and foliar feeding. Depending on the phases of development of cultivated plants and the equipment, applied UAN diluted with water in the correct ratio or be neat.
The application of Cam is well combined with trace elements.

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