Association of farmers and private landowners independent self – governing public organization that protects the interests of farmers and private farms. This is one of the first public organizations, which works to protect the interests of farmers and peasants.

The purpose of the Association is to promote the development of mass farmers ' movement and the implementation of proper public control over the activities of the authorities to respect the rights and legitimate interests of farmers and peasants – landowners.

According to article 33 of the Law of Ukraine "On farming" – "the Representative body of farmers is the Association of farmers and private landowners of Ukraine.

To ensure the rights and legitimate interests of citizens of Ukraine, who conduct the farm, but also the creation of favorable conditions for development of farms, afzu represents the interests of the citizens who lead the farm, to the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Central and local Executive authorities and bodies of local self-government.”

Afzu, was founded in February 1991 by the Founding Congress of farmers. Its main goal was the creation of the private sector in agriculture.

The Association has its regional infrastructure, which has 25 regional and district AFZ 394 cells, uniting on a voluntary basis, owners of farms and private households, and workers of service cooperatives, other non-state enterprises and organizations, which form infrastructure of the farm and support the farm.


The main activities of afzu
Representation and protection of rights and interests of farmers:

Lobbying the interests of farmers and owners of personal peasant farms at all levels of government;

Systematic and active participation in the work on the improvement of the civil, fiscal, banking legislation and law enforcement practice;

Constant and terminating interaction with public authorities in order to promote agrarian reform, formation of state support for the private sector of agriculture;

The Association organizes the work with regional farmers ' associations and farms in all areas of economic and production activities, including:

Coordination of actions of participants of Association in the framework of the adopted state programs of development and support of private agricultural business.

Promotes voluntary and mutually beneficial Union of farmers of their financial and intellectual resources for realization of General economic programs aimed at introducing advanced scientific and technological developments, the development of optimal organizational and legal forms of farm and mypermission enterprises, the implementation of other assistance for members and other interested domestic and foreign organizations, including partner search for investing in domestic agriculture, the development of commercial contracts, conducting marketing research on the stock and commodity markets in Ukraine and abroad, provide consulting services.

Contributes to creation of conditions for optimal use of forces and means of the Association's members and the establishment of economic relations between them and relations with Ukrainian and foreign companies and organizations.

Developing together with ministries and departments of the granting of subsidies and subventions to farmers and own farms.

Contributes to the deepening of the reform of the agricultural sector. based on adoption of family farming way of life of the Ukrainian village.

To ensure full coverage of their activities and exchange of information between farmers, and between the Association and other organizations interacts with media, takes part in projects to develop and improve information and consultation support of small and medium-sized agribusiness.

Propaganda of the ideology of the farmers ' movement, the formation in the public mind an attractive image of the Ukrainian farmer. To this end there is:

Publication of materials on the problems of the farmers ' movement, participation in press conferences for journalists, support of constant contacts with the media.

Public support for rural women and youth movement;

Publishing and information activity;

Organization of exhibitions, fairs, seminars, conferences, round tables, a Peasant Assembly, symposia and business meetings.

Main achievements the activities of the Association of farmers and private landowners of Ukraine .

No social organization except the afzu, defends the interests of farmers. Only afzu, imbued with their problems and troubles, since it was founded by the farmers themselves for their own protection. Over the last twenty years, such phenomena as the increase in fuel prices before the harvest became infamous irresistible tradition. And the disparity of prices on agricultural products with other products went bankrupt many farmers.

Since the state of those or other actions hampered the development of, and often directly impeded the normal existence of farming. Forms of activities of afzu in the protection of farmers were: handling, press conferences, statements to the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, bodies of Executive power, bodies of local self-government, meetings of joint working groups with government officials, meetings with first persons of the state, rallies, picketing of the Cabinet, Parliament, strikes.

Of great importance in the protection of farmers ' rights was the fact that the people's Deputy, Chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on agrarian policy and land relations Ivan Tomic F. – farmer, ex-President of afzu, all their activities were directed at solving the problems of farmers, agricultural producers and the Ukrainian village. Thanks to him, the Ukrainian village has got some achievements, namely:

the adoption of Laws of Ukraine "On the farm", "On personal peasant farm" and other ( afzu, MP I. Tomich);

the adoption of the fixed agricultural tax for agricultural producers (afzu, MP I. Tomich);

increase tenfold the target government assistance to farmers through the Ukrainian state Fund for farm support; (afzu, MP I. tomić: strike of January 2005, annually );

the Constitutional Court of Ukraine decision which restored the right of farmers to use the land, continued to use granted land to farmers for permanent use. This allowed the farmer to save money without paying since 01.01.2005 year in rent for received land for permanent use (MP Ivan Tomic drew 51 MP to appeal to the interests of farmers to the constitutional Court);

prevent the cancellation of the fixed agricultural tax and the introduction of a common tax system for all farmers ( afzu, MP I. tomić: strike, picketing age – fall 2005);

Such results were received by all farmers for participation in the activities of afzu only a small part of the conscious enthusiasts and farmers, and only one Deputy – the farmer in the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine.

And with the active participation of all farmers in the farmers ' movement is possible to monitor the state agricultural policy with the interests of farmers.

In addition, afzu could achieve even more significant achievements for farmers, such as the simplification of tax burden, simplification of financial statements, the gratuitous transfer of property of the farmers of the land granted for permanent use, increase and facilitate in obtaining state aid for farmers and small agricultural producers – owners, OSG, state assistance in complying with the parity of prices of agricultural products with industrial goods, the suppression of smuggling of agricultural products in Ukraine, which devalues our products, state subsidies for production of ecological products and other things that always sounds at the farmers ' congresses, meetings.

Association of farmers and private landowners of Ukraine the first steps in the exit from the crisis the village sees:

– statutory consolidation and the provision of 10% profitable part of the State budget for rural development;
– provision of state support to owners of private farms;
– simplification of tax system and accounting for agricultural producers by introducing a uniform land tax;
– legislative protection of the interests of farmers in the purchase and sale of land;
– protection of interests of national producers of agricultural products by prohibiting the smuggling of agricultural products.

Membership in the Association.

An individual member of the Association may be every citizen of Ukraine who has attained the age of 18, to recognize this Charter, conducts farm or private farm and pays membership fees. Individual member of the Association may be a member serving an agricultural cooperative that serves farms.

Collective member of the Association can be collectives of enterprises, institutions and organizations that share the goals and objectives of the Association, recognize its Charter and provide financial assistance and other public organizations whose activities are consistent with the purposes of the Association. A collective member has one vote.

The amount and procedure of payment of membership dues.

Members of afzu support the activities of the organization through their actions and financial.

Funds are allocated for implementation of statutory tasks of afzu.

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