Advertising in the newspaper "Farmer Dnieper" COMMERCIAL PROPOSAL


"Farmer Dnieper» – a new weekly edition on the media and agricultural market, the founder of which was organized by the Association of farmers and private landowners

Dnepropetrovsk region. Newspaper circulation has reached Twenty six thousand six hundred seventy copies, is constantly growing. Readers and subscribers are farmers, smallholders and sole owners of the agricultural formation.

This means that they are regular consumers of Your services and can be Your customers and partners in the space of the agrarian market will contribute to the success of Your business.

We invite to cooperation with "Farmer Dnieper".

COMMERCIAL OFFER (as of may 25, 2017)

Our prices:

The block is

Placement Price in UAH. per sq cm
inside pages (b/W) 7,00
inner page (color) 9,00
last page(color) 10,00
first page (color) 12,00
political advertising 9,50
PRICES on the lowercase is

up to 20 +words

2 phones = 80 UAH.

►320 UAH. (4 weeks)

Image articles (by our special correspondent)

Page format A3 Price in UAH. per sq cm
925 sq cm. (b/W page) 7.00 (6465 UAH. page)
925 square centimeter( p. in color) 9.00 (8325 UAH. page)
925 square centimeter (the last hundred.g color.) 10. 00 (9250 UAH. page)
460 square centimeter (first page color) 12.00 (7552 UAH. ½ Page.)

S m o g and g in R and g and l u K e Tu :

  • min 4x5 cm (Hor/Vert) and 8,2x2,5 cm;
  • horizontal: 4 cm; 8.2 cm; 12.6 cm; 16.6 cm; (width of the ad unit)
  • vector files: EPS, CDR, Ai – the text must be converted to curves;
  • raster files: 300 dpi; CMYK color model, Grayscale format: TIFF, JPEG.

49000, str, str. Resurrection , 41, of. 109. Bank details: R/with 26005557493 in PJSC "Raiffeisen Bank Aval", OKPO 41106063, MFO 380805.

OOO "redakciya gazety "Farmer Dnieper" is taxable on General terms. Enterprise code 41106063.

E-mail: fа

Contact number edition 098-183-00-18


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