Dear owners of farms, friends, colleagues.

More than a year goes out to our farmer magazine-newspaper "the Farmer Dnieper". It turns out, and glad most of you are interesting, sharp publications that cuts the truth in the eyes of those who have borrowed it from the Sulfur.

In fact, basing their farmer print edition, the Association never for a moment doubted – it must be just this – a bold, decisive, ruthless towards those who prevent us to work honestly in their own land.

Newspaper "Farmer Dnieper" has justified its purpose. It became clear on how and hissed with rage grabbers and thieves of all stripes – from government officials to criminal gangsters, when the newspaper caustically denounced their transaction and evil acts. Hissing, much foam was made at the mouth... And against the truth you will not trample.

Representatives of all branches of the regional authorities pretended not to notice "the Farmer Dnieper" – and that's that!

However, there were those that openly threatened by the courts and demanded an immediate retraction, representatives of the security service saw the danger in the activities of the newspaper. Here are just some never explained. But sternly invited the editor of "the conversation". All these facts show that we are on the right track! We hurt occurred "on the tail" dishonest, those who encroach himself on the fruits of the labor of others, bribe-takers and extortionists who sit in high office offices.

Along the way, I want to say that journalists "Farmer Dnieper" Grigoriy Davidenko and Nikolay Nechiporenko on the eve of the professional holiday of the regional Union of journalists recognized the best by the end of 2017 in the categories – best journalistic article of the year and best investigative journalism. This, no doubt, a brilliant success! Young and little-known a year ago, the newspaper has loudly sounded in the region, giving a "handicap" edition with a hundred years of history.

It is through the written word from the pages of the "Farmer Dnieper" comes into the homes of 27 thousand residents of Dnipropetrovsk and uncompromising truth, sincerity and love of neighbor, the Ukraine.

Association of farmers and private landowners of the Dnieper resorted to the unprecedented step – the basic part of the edition was signed by people at their own expense.

Unfortunately, rapidly galloping prices do not allow this in the second half. For example, rates of "Ukrpochta" has doubled in comparison with the first half, and until the end of the year, barely not reach the million mark!

Three times since the beginning of the year raised the price for the printing of Newspapers and "Publishing House "Keramist".

The amount of spending has reached such "heights" that the Association was not under force independently to Finance them. The fate of "the Farmer Dnieper" is not defined. To be or not to be newspaper – depends on each of you!

If you are a true patriot of Ukraine, a fan of truth, justice, spiritual values, man, please support the newspaper's charitable contribution of $ 5000 (five thousand) UAH to the account of the Association.


OO "Association of farmers and private landowners of Dnipropetrovsk region (updated)".

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The Chairman of the Association of farmers Gayvoronsky A. I.

and private landowners

Dnipropetrovsk region,

Chairman of editorial Board

newspaper "Farmer Dnieper".


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